Duemilavini, 2010

Duemilavini, 2010

Soave Classico Lunalonga 2007: 4 grappoli
Ripe peach, crystallized citrus fruit, camomile flowers and minerality. Fruity pulp, tasty and fresh with good balance: pleasant ending with fruit, flowers and mineral..

Recioto di Soave Classico 2006: 4 grappoli
Amber with hints of peaches in syrup, honey and hazelnut, very ripe exotic fruit. Sweet and creamy at the taste, tasty and well-balanced with nice caramel hints.

Recioto di Soave Spumante 2006
Golden with apple, peach and honey perfumes, sweet flowery aromas. Sweet and pulpy at the taste, with good freshness and nice bubbles. It finishes clean and pleasant.

Soave Classico Vigneto Sengialta 2008
Apple, delicate flowery and mineral perfumes. Nice minerality at the taste, that increases and balances its fruity and flowery hints.

Scaligio 2005
Fruit jams, liquorice, spices at the nose; nice body, pleasant and spicy.

Soave Classico 2008
Apple, confectionery, flowery and citrus perfumes. Tasty and pleasant at the taste, with citrus hints.

Soave Brut
White fruit and yeasts, with sweet flowers. Fresh, lively perlage.