Organic wildflowers Honey

Without bees, there would not be any biodiversity, or indeed any life on Earth. With this principle in mind, Laura and her husband Federico decided to become beekeepers and they immediately fell in love with the wonderful world of the beehive.
For them, the wellbeing of the bees always comes before the production of honey; the bees are never coerced to produce, so this means that the quantities of honey vary according to the weather conditions.
When the year is generous, production may be broken down into three types of polyfloral honey: spring, summer and autumn.
Our passion for polyfloral as opposed to monofloral honey stems from our desire to obtain a honey that is as autochthonous as possible.
Indeed, polyfloral honey contains pollen from all of the blossoms that are prevalent in a specific zone and its nuances therefore represent the uniqueness of that terroir to the full.