Duemilavini 2006

“Soave Cl. Vigneto Sengialta 2004 is clean straw, with fine smelling expression: hawthorn, medlar, apricot, delicate roast hints. Intense taste, well-balanced, good tenacity with nice and delicate mineral hints”.
“Scaligio 2001 is deep ruby red; blackberry, blueberry, blackcurrant, then macis, pink pepper, roast coffee, geranium, delicate balsamic hints. Fine tannins are well melted with pulpy structure; good glycerol components balance acidity and sapidness; nice tenacity”.
“Soave Cl. Lunalonga 2003 is golden straw and sweet at the beginning, with vanilla hints; then linden flowers, broom, peanut butter, mineral fragrances; taste is pleasantly fresh and sapid; good tenacity”.